G&D Co., Ltd. supports companies looking for business partnerships and an outlet to sell services and goods within the Japanese market. In order to further develop Japan’s market in relation to our clients we conduct market research, outlet development, and product promotion.
G&D Co., Ltd. has a versatile management team consisting of Japanese staff experienced in marketing within various fields and Foreign staff proficient in both English and Japanese, making communication easy and simple.

(Primary Services)

  1. Marketing research /Market analysis report
  2. Product sampling and usage monitoring
    (With regard to the Japanese distributer and consumer)
  3. Managing agency for exhibitions and sales events
  4. Sales outlet development
  5. Planning and implementation of sales promotion
  6. Acting as an agency for business and sales
  7. Office establishment support within Japan
  8. Support with planning and implementation of PR and advertising

We also support effective sales activities of many clients by providing a number of other services not listed above.
When you are looking to minimize risk and initial investment to effectively start your journey into the Japanese market, look no further than G&D Co., Ltd.
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South African micro winery
(Freedom Hills)

Our first client, South African winery, found success entering into the Japanese market in wholesale and liquor stores through organizing and holding a number of sampling events with Japanese wine aficionados and distributors.

Without spending money on advertising or paying costs for entering into exhibitions we were able to first promote understanding of the direct seller, building valuable relationships, and finally through sampling events we were able to directly see the reaction of the consumer as well as promote public opinion of the clients product.

We wiped out the preconceived notion, held by Japanese consumers, of South African wine being cheap and of poor quality which allowed us to successfully infiltrate the Japanese wine market with recognition as an appropriately priced and high quality excellent brand. The client’s wine sales continue to steadily increase in Japan to this day.